This summer, I spent my last few months interning at Prudon and Partners with Theo Prudon and his partner, Shashi Caan. Prudon and Partners, in conjunction with Shashi Caan’s SC Collective, involve themselves in a variety of work on projects around the world. The firm’s profile covers a wide range of project types, such as design, strategy, and international non-profits focusing on preservation.


Dr. Prudon is the President of DocoMomo US, promoting modern design in the US

My work at Prudon and Partners this summer covered a number of topics, but mainly focused on doing research on a new project in the United Kingdom. Following a merger of three further education colleges in Edinburgh, the firm was tasked with various projects for the new college. I steeped myself in research on many facets of education, training, design ideas, and sustainability. Studying many reports and articles, I came to appreciate the myriad of details and thought processes that go into planning and design that will last into the future. The work I did this summer brought up a good deal of ideas that got me thinking about the transformation of a space in terms of program or owner. While the buildings were transferred from a school to a larger combined entity, many ideas about how the existing space could be maintained or sensibly altered to both promote a visually appealing campus, as well as fit the necessary facilities to educate the next wave of workers. 



The time I spent reading and researching the numerous facets of thinking about conscious design, preservation of old buildings, and the role of these two previous factors in education was fantastic. It is encouraging to see preservation it an international scope and how it is moving forward yet still promoting the respect and care for old buildings that they deserve. My summer spent with Prudon and Partners was a great learning experience that helped me broaden the scope of my thinking about the field of preservation.