As an Architectural Conservation Intern at Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc. (JHPA) I have been exposed to a wide variety of projects and task work. My daily duties might include anything from conducting product, material, or building research, creating AutoCAD drawings, compiling work specifications, or site visits for survey work or reviewing progress.  In addition, the projects I’m able to work range from historic house museums to high-end penthouse renovations, and the restoration of commercial properties and church buildings to the stabilization or architectural ruins.

Here’s a few of the projects I’ve been able to be a part of this summer:

Bannerman Island Arsenal, Hudson River Valley
Ruins and Fire Damage in Arsenal Building

JHPA is working with the Bannerman Castle Trust to stabilize the ruins of the arsenal building. I was able to visit the island with various contractors during the bidding process.

View from Atop the Knickerbocker Hotel, Times Square

JHPA is working on waterproofing issues at the copper roof and balustrade for the Knickerbocker Hotel restoration (shown in photo). I visited the roof to observe conditions and flood testing, conducted a binocular survey and created cleaning specifications for the annex building behind the hotel, and visited a sheet metal shop in Newark to review a mock-up of copper balustrade repairs.

351 Riverside Drive, New York

After a bit of building research, Pieper and I had the privilege to survey 351 Riverside Drive to determine existing conditions and discuss what exterior restoration could be done.

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Times Square

JHPA is conducting various tasks for SMTV including façade restoration, waterproofing, and accessibility improvements. I have helped with drawings and surveying for work pertaining to waterproofing of the rectory roof, which included climbing up to various roof levels to identify existing conditions.

My internship at JHPA  has not only been interesting and fun, but also provided a valuable look into the professional world of preservation and conservation. I’m planning to continue with JHPA during the school year – at least for as long as my thesis research and course load allow!

– Emily Barr, MSHP ’14